I help people to find ways to heal their pain, transform their lives and reconnect with their passion and purpose. You will find tools on this site and within my books that help in all these areas. However, if you want to work with me on a bespoke basis, then have a look at the services I offer below.

Writing Services

If you would like me to write a bespoke article or blog post, then drop me an email at maria@mariacolgan.com with some details.

One-to-one Coaching

I work with a small number of clients each year on their life and business goals. If you are frustrated enough, are ready to make massive change and think coaching is for you, then drop me an email at maria@mariacolgan.com.

Uncovering your ego

I conduct personal interviews to help you uncover your ego / personality type. I also give you the materials to take away for review and point you in the direction of how you can take this journey further. Drop me an email at maria@mariacolgan.com if this interests you.

Personal Growth Courses

I run personal growth courses from time to time that look at the limitations of the ego and how you can align the best of your ego with your spiritual self to achieve your full potential. These courses are mainly based on the Enneagram personality model with some other tips and tools thrown in. For anyone who believes that these personality models put you in a box, let me tell you that you are already in a box! What we are trying to achieve with this course is to liberate you from this box. Drop me an email at maria@mariacolgan.com if you would like an update on when the next course will be taking place.

Marketing & Communication Projects

I undertake marketing communication projects from time to time. Particularly when companies are struggling to define their communication strategy for a bespoke marketing project. Using my many years of marketing experience in conjunction with my coaching skills, I can assist in defining the objectives of the project, while helping to achieve the best communication strategy. An effective communication strategy is one that achieves the goals of the project, while reaching a target market in a way that is coherent to them.

As with any communication project, the end user is of vital importance. As humans we are motivated by things that make us feel good. If you have the customer at the heart of your message, can resolve a problem and make them feel good in the process, then you are on the right track to achieving an effective communication strategy. Drop me an email at maria@mariacolgan.com if you would like to discuss a particular project.

I had a 1 hour coaching session with Maria and it was amazing. If I could sum it all up in one sentence, ‘she simplifies the complex’. What I had deemed impossible challenges in my own mind felt like very achievable task after just one meeting! I am a perfectionist by nature which means I over think, analyse and plan everything. I approached Maria for support on a video that I was making with work that was going to be aired globally, I felt under so much pressure to get everything perfect. Maria’s ability to help me breakdown everything down allowed me to fully relax and enjoy the experience. At what should have been the most stressful time in my career turned out to be the most enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend her.
I had been struggling to verbalise exactly what my business is about and couldn't identify my target market as I wanted to be 'all things to all people'. So I wasn't getting my message out to my ideal clients and most people were confused about what I could offer them. After a session with Maria I went from confused, via overwhelm, to a massive breakthrough in my thinking. She somehow managed to help me break through all of the 'noise' and tap into two aspects of my business that really interest and excite me. I'm so much more focused now, which has helped me with my vision, my message, my blogging, my social media, and most of all my confidence in verbalising my offering.
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