These are principles I live by in my life, or at least I try to. They have served me well and have positively impacted my life and the life of others. Maybe some of these principles can positively impact your life. I always like to learn from others what works in their life so, share with me the principles that you live by.

Seeing the best in everyone *

I always see the best in everyone. No matter what! And I mean that literally. Even when a person has shown me their ugliest side, I can still see the good in them. I’m not sure if this is a blessing or a curse but it stops me from being angry or hating someone indefinitely. I believe we all have the potential for good and bad. Often, the hand that we have been dealt and the circumstances of our life can lead us to choosing the bad (although not always). I choose to live my life this way because there is enough anger and hatred in the world without me adding to it.

Understanding is essential

I always try to understand where another person is coming from. I find this helps me to be more compassionate with them. Plus, it stops me from being ignorant. Ignorance of our self and others is not a good trait. When you understand people, you are less inclined to judge. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and all that.

Be kind *

I try to be kind to everyone. It isn’t always easy but I try. I keep in mind that everyone is doing the best that they can with the tools that they have. If I use my understanding of others and what they might be going through, then I can keep kindness close to my heart.

Spread love not hate

I avoid toxic relationships, conversations, stories, sensational media and herd mentality at all costs. I don’t get swept away on the tide of anger and hatred. It’s not how I roll. Even if I see a post or article about something I disagree with, I will not get carried away with its negativity. This took a lot of strength and willpower in the past. The first thing you want to do when something gets your back up is react. But now my peace of mind and harmony are more important. I want to direct my energy in a positive way, so I’ll keep well away from the energy suckers.

Human potential is greater than what we can imagine

The power of human potential is massive. I don’t think we fully grasp this. I don’t think we are fully aware of what we are capable of once we put our mind and emotions into it. I am the biggest believer in the power of human potential in everyone. There are so many stories throughout history that show us the power of human potential. Anything is possible in any person. When you dream it and believe it, you can become it.

The power to heal is within

I believe whole-heartedly that we all have the power to heal our lives. We all have the potential to remove past trauma that holds us back and clouds our judgement. Our past doesn’t need to define us in every sense. Yes, it has made us who we are and our story is compelling in what we do with our life, but we are the directors of our life. We have the ultimate say in what direction we want to take it. The power is within. It’s up to us to utilise it.

Use your energy wisely

I don’t waste time on the things I don’t want in my life. Instead of fighting the things I don’t want, I use my energy to focus on the things I want. I am like a dog with a bone. Once I want something there is no stopping me. I have a steely determination and laser sharp focus. Focus only on the things you want and let everything else slip away.

Fear and procrastination

Okay, you might have caught me out here. I’m not going to lie and say I never suffer from fear or I don’t procrastinate. In fact, the very opposite is true. I suffer from fear so bad that it can incapacitate me and stop me from moving forward. And the funny thing about procrastination is that if you ever asked me if I procrastinated, I would say no. I always do what I say I am going to do. However, I don’t think I grasped what procrastination meant. Procrastination is the thief of time, is how the saying goes. Truer words couldn’t be said. I may do everything I say I am going to do but it could take me weeks, months or even years. A little thing called fear creeps in and we have a dance for some time, until I realise the seduction of it is keeping me from my desires. Now that I have admitted that I suffer with fear and procrastination, I can be held accountable for it. I may suffer with these, but I choose not to be held captive by them.

Be true to yourself

It seems like an obvious one but there are more people on this planet not being true to themselves than there are those who are being true to themselves. This is not an easy principle to live by. In fact, it is possibly one of the hardest. There are so many distractions in life that take us away from who we are, what we are meant to be and what we should do with our life. Like the power of human potential, being true to our self is something I am extremely passionate about. I know how hard this is. I understand the battle we all have with our self. If your self-talk is harsh and critical, then it’s next to impossible to be true to yourself. If you are a people pleaser or are easily influenced by the voice of others, if you suffer with fear, doubt, stress, anxiety and many more conditions of the human ego, then you will find it difficult to be true to yourself. But let me tell you this; if you can find a way to be true to yourself, you have found a way to live the most genuine and authentic life imaginable. This is where fulfilment comes from. I will speak a lot about this on this blog.

Follow the path to the point of no return

When you are on the path to your heart’s desire you need to watch out for the signpost which says, ‘point of no return’. Quite often when we are on a particular path we suffer with self-doubt, fear, worry, anxiety and many more negative aspects of our ego. We question if we are on the right path. We talk about quitting all the time. The road uphill can seem like a struggle. There’s a place called the point of no return on this path. It takes a while before you get to this point and you go through a lot before you get here. But once you are here, you have almost achieved your journey. Once you hit the point of no return there is no going back. From this point on you are filled with conviction. You haven’t reached your destination but you know in your heart that you will. Self-doubt, fear, worry and anxiety lessen in their intensity from this point forward. I talk more about this in my second book, which is coming soon.

Mental and emotional health is vital for a happy life

Our mental and emotional health is of the utmost importance for a happy life. I don’t think anybody escapes suffering from their thoughts and emotions. We are all affected by them from time to time. But to live a life of peace and harmony you must find a way to work with your thoughts and emotions, particularly the ones that are keeping you trapped in a lifetime of suffering. I will talk a lot about thoughts and emotions on this blog and ways to move forward.

Don’t be a victim

This is easier said than done. We all play victim from time to time. But being a victim and having a victim mentality are two very different things. If you develop a victim mentality from being a victim you are imprisoning yourself. Once you are in this prison, it can be very hard to come out of it. It becomes a pattern and a habit that plays out continuously. You always see yourself as being wronged. You can never be a victor from this state. And while it is easy to fall into a victim mentality, it is important to recognise it and do what you can to get out of it. This blog can help you with this. I aim to empower you, so that you can rise above any situation in which you have been wronged.

Trust yourself

You’ve got to trust yourself wholeheartedly. You’ve got to know yourself, know what you are about, know what you stand for and have a sense of conviction about your life. And you can’t find this trust in anyone else. You are the driving force of your own life; therefore, you need to have a sense of conviction about your life. Trust that you have been given every resource that you need to manage your life. Trust that you know what your life is about and find a way forward.

Take pride in what you do

Taking pride in what you do says everything about your character. It sends out a powerful message to the universe. There is something to be admired about the person who can take pride in their job no matter how low that job appears on the spectrum of jobs. If you are going to do such a job so well, can you imagine what you would do in a powerful position?

Put a value on yourself and watch how your life changes *

The day you decide to put a value on yourself and realise your self-worth is the day your life changes exponentially. This, I am certain of. This is when your life falls into place. Things happen magically. I’ll let you in on a little secret……. the ego suffers with a lack of worth. That is why if you do any type of ego development work the ego will lock itself in place because it fears annihilation. The ego has a problem with self-worth but you don’t need to get trapped by this. It took me a long time to get a real sense of self-worth. I know what it’s like to not have it. I know what it’s like to get it. And I know how you your life can change massively because of it.

Writing is good for the soul

One sure way to heal your life is to write. Write, write, write and write some more. It is one of the most effective tools for clearing negativity from your life, getting in touch with the voice within, connecting with your desires and finding what really matters to you. I am a big advocate of writing. I have seen how it has changed my life and how it unleashed a creativity in me I never knew I possessed.


I have been saying affirmations for as long as I can remember. I don’t say them all the time but generally every year I write out affirmations for the year ahead. They are usually around what I want to achieve mentally, emotionally, physically and spirituality. I can tell you now that affirmations work. I wouldn’t have believed it until I started doing them and seen the proof of them in my life. They are more powerful than you can imagine. If ever in doubt, write an affirmation and watch what happens.

Live each day as it is your last

“How can you tell me to live each day as my last?”. That was my initial thought when I heard this saying. That was until I was affected by people close to me dying in their 30’s and 40’s. Then the penny dropped. We are privileged to live this life. So, forget about regrets, stop worrying about everything and follow your heart’s desire. You never know which day will be your last. I choose to live my life to the fullest for those who can’t.

When somebody tells you something about themselves believe them

I don’t know if it is an Irish thing or if it is a human thing but for some reason when somebody tells us something bad about themselves we dismiss it. We tell them that they are a lovely person and we couldn’t see anything wrong with them. As Maya Angelou says, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them”. If someone shows you that they are unkind, uncaring, selfish, mean, hardened, then believe them because this is how they are. You don’t need to be shown a trait so many times to believe it. Believe it the first time.

* Warning: If you see the best in everyone and are kind to everyone but don’t have a true measure of your own self-worth, then you will be a magnet for every narcissistic and dysfunctional person in the world. It’s great to see the best in everyone and to be kind to people but that shouldn’t be at the expense of yourself. Emphatic people who see the best in others are unfortunately, a breathing ground for narcissists. It was only when I developed my own sense of self-worth that I could see the amount of them in my life. I still choose to see the best in everyone but my boundaries are firmly in place for anyone trying to overstep the mark. You ain’t getting across this line so easy!


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