For so long we’ve been led to believe that it is our willpower that gets us places in life. Therefore, if your willpower isn’t strong you can forget about achieving very much.

You know this yourself when you’ve used your willpower, particularly for something like losing weight or giving up smokes, sugar (chocolate for me!), greasy food. I say all of these because these are highly addictive and using willpower alone can prove impossible to give up these things.

We have been given willpower for a reason. It’s like a little burst of energy we need to kick start us on something but generally it wanes after a certain period of time. I don’t believe willpower is meant to sustain us for the long haul. It’s more for that initial burst of energy. It’s to kick us into something, to fire the engine, to get us going!

So if not willpower, then what?

There’s something much more powerful than willpower. Something that can keep us going a lot longer than willpower. And something that can sustain us for the long haul.

That something is energy.

You can call that energy just energy, or spirit, god, the universe. You can call it whatever you want but its basic composition is energy.

Let me explain it to you like this.

Do you ever feel the struggle?

Do you ever feel like you are battling something trying to make it happen?

But whatever you do it just won’t work. And you’re tired and you’re sick of it all. The entire process is too hard and you just want to give up.

This is when you are trying to force something to happen. You are using your energy to push. Your willpower, which is a form of energy, will have given you a certain amount of momentum and then you try your very best to keep going but it’s exhausting.

An alternative way to getting what you want

What if you used your energy differently?

What of instead of pushing, you used your energy to pull something to you?

Your life would be very different. You wouldn’t be as tired. Life wouldn’t seem as such a struggle. And you might even end up enjoying the process of creation!

Two things comes to mind with this

  • People all over the world are already doing this and many don’t even realise. For those that do, they’ve put a serious effort into it. Think of trained athletes.
  • This is starting to sound very much like the law of attraction, which can be a bone of contention for some. But let’s forget about the law of attraction for the moment as people put too much emphasis on the end result and forget about the process. Let’s focus here on the process of creating the right energy within to make things happen.

I want to give you one of the most powerful examples of energy here in play. And in particular how people surrender willpower to energy and have achieved astounding results. Particularly when the chances of failing were high.

I’m referring to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and in particular, the 12 steps programme. Much of this programme is about handing over to a higher power. As a friend of mine who is 12 years in AA says ‘let go and let god’. Maybe the people in AA don’t refer to their work as energy work, but it is!

Anybody who has an addiction will tell you how willpower alone couldn’t get you through it. Maybe there’s one or two who can, but on the whole most can’t get by on willpower alone.

So what happens instead?

They hand everything over to a higher power. They let go and let god.

What this simply means is that anything that is too much to bare they don’t use their own energy to fight it. You can’t use the same energy that got you into a difficult situation to get you out of it.

Instead, they surrender the struggle to God. Who is only energy by the way!

The biggest lesson anyone can take from this programme, is the untying of your energy to a situation. It’s a freeing up and handing everything over to source energy to allow this to happen.

So what do people in AA get from following this process?

They get to give up the struggle. Struggle from the life of being an addict. And the struggle from fighting the addiction.

They’ve used their energy different. Instead of using their energy to push something into happening they’ve used  their energy to pull something in to happening.

How do they do this?

By surrendering

Then by trusting a higher power that everything will work out.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of steps that go in between and a lot of healing that must and does take place. I’m only highlighting the basic principle of the programme for illustrative purposes.

How does this relate to you?

Let’s start with something small; your day. Let’s say before your head even lifts the pillow you anticipate a bad day ahead. You feel anxious. You know this isn’t gonna be a great day.

In this moment you have two choices

  1. Do what we are all programmed to do, which is push on and fight against the day trying to make things happen and keeping the struggle up; or
  2. You can surrender! Literally surrender. This means that you give up the struggle, the anticipation, the dread, the drudgery. Stop using your energy to force something into happening and instead allow it to happen.

Some of my best days happen in this way before I switch back into automatic pilot. But if I make the effort to be consciously aware then I have a great day.

What does this look like?

Instead of getting out of bed with dread, get out with optimism. Ok, this can be a little hard when the stress of it can be all consuming, so here’s what you do.

  1. Start by acknowledging the day before you.Acknowledge everything that you have on that maybe causing you stress. Acknowledge your dread, anticipation, stress and anxiety.
  2. Now comfort yourself. Tell yourself that no matter what happens you are going to get through this day. In fact, it’s going to be a great day. As long as you have a higher power in your life you know that everything will work out. You actually say this to yourself!
  3. You talk to your higher power. You say “ok, I have X on today and I am dreading it but as long as I have you in my life I can get through anything”.
  4. You believe this by convincingly telling yourself that it is true. Everything that happens to you every moment of every day happens because of how your belief system has been programmed. If you want something in your life to be different then talk to your belief system as if it has already happened.
  5. Trust. Trust whole heartedley in your higher power and that everything will work out for you. It always does. Even when things fall apart they are in line with your higher power. I’ve seen far too many times how ‘things fall apart for greater things to happen’ to ever doubt this process.

Try this with a day and see what happens. Then try it with something else. When you see this working out for you, you’ll believe it a lot more. You’ll then be able to put into practice for bigger things in your life.

What scenario appeals to your more?

  • A day whereby you hand everything over to a higher power and have faith that everything will work out, even when it seems like it’s all falling apart; or
  • A day where you go around with a bad attitude, you’re tired and nothing seems to be going your way. Everything seems like a constant battle, a struggle.

If your energy is tied up in a struggle, then it’s not free to allow whatever to happen.

The happening comes about because of the surrendering. And the surrendering comes about because you trust in a higher power.

You’ve only one life. Live it with as much ease as possible.



Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash


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