There’s a voice within that is so powerful it holds the key to your life. If you want to discover the meaning of your life and your reason for being here you just need to listen to this voice.

This voice within holds all your wisdom and can create miracles. This may seem hard to fathom but it’s true.

Trust me!

This voice has played a massive part in my life. In fact, without it I wouldn’t have achieved very much with my life. It is this voice that has guided me on life’s journey and showed me the way at every turn.

Do you recognise this voice within you? Do you sense your inner wisdom? Your power?

My voice is so clear that I have no choice but to hear it. Sometimes I hear it and ignore, while other times I hear and do.

I’ve often wondered is this the same for everyone. Can everyone else hear this inner voice? Or are you struggling to hear yours? And do you struggle to find your wisdom and power? Can you tell the difference between the voice of wisdom and that inner chatterbox that never stops?

I can help you either way.

If you can hear the voice within and can distinguish between the wisdom and the chatter, then I can help you strengthen that voice. And if you can’t hear at all, then I can help you to hear.

But let’s begin with what that voice is.

What is the voice within?

That powerful voice that resides within us all, that is full of wisdom is the voice of your higher power (or God or the Universe). It is the all wise part of you.

My school of thought is that we are all made up of two things; spirit and ego. We are spiritual beings that come from the source of all power. We are all one, linked together through one consciousness or universal consciousness. Now, don’t panic. That might sound a bit heavy but bare with me.

Just imagine that there is an all powerful source that we all come from. We are all particles of that same source. We are all spirits. When we came to earth we took on our shell (ego). The shell is the structure for us to operate in the human world. And this works fine to a point.

And you know this yourself.

Did you ever find yourself in a really difficult situation where you are trying your best to figure something out but for the life of you, you just can’t do it? Whether it be an answer to a problem, finding your way out of a difficult situation or simply just trying to find your next step in life but you just don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Well this is the limitations of the ego. The ego will take us so far but won’t take us far enough.

Imagine something much more

Imagine having something that can take you a lot further.

Imagine having an internal navigation system that can always tell you what way to go and can give you the answer to every problem you might have. And that problem can be in business, creativity, relationships, career, life. The list goes on. There’s no area that this internal system can’t provide an answer to or a direction to take.

And imagine that this internal system never shuts down or doesn’t need updating like the sat nav in your car. No, this system is so powerful that it does all the updating itself. In fact, it knows when updating is required and sends you a gentle reminder when.

Imagine a system whereby you can:

  • turn to it at any moment of any day
  • ask it for advice, guidance and support
  • fully rely on it to give you round the clock care and attention
  • be comforted when you are sad, lonely and hurt
  • be taken care of 24/7 365 days a year

Well you have this system inside of you. Yes, a system that never switches of, that has your best interest at heart and is guiding and supporting you every step of the way on your journey through life.

That system is the voice within.

Are you open to hearing this voice?

It is the voice of your higher power, source, God, universe. This voice speaks to you all the time. Sometimes you may hear it, while others you may not. Sometimes you may hear it and deliberately choose to ignore it. While other times you may doubt its very existence.

Even though I am very attuned to the voice within I haven’t always headed its words, much to the detriment of myself. But I know that every time I listen to this voice and act on its instructions, I can never fail. I know that this voice has the power to give me all the answers and to transform my life. I know that this voice within can provide me with so much more than I could ever do within the confines of my ego.

This voice has the power to lift us into a life of unimaginable possibilities.

Imagine your best life and multiply it by 100…………..well this is what the voice can do but we can’t even imagine that greatness.

This voice within has a life for us that’s grander than we ever thought possible. We’ve just got to listen, acknowledge, trust and go with it.

Sounds simple right?

If it was really that easy we’d have no suffering in the world. In fact, everyone in the world would live from a beautiful please and would create beauty all around them.

But this isn’t the case.

There’s too much suffering in the world. We all suffer. I know about this voice within. I’ve seen its power in my life and yet I still suffer.

Why do we suffer so much?

We suffer because of our ego and our attachment to our thoughts, emotions and outcomes.

When we are run by our ego and can’t break free from the thoughts, emotions and outcomes we want, then we suffer.

We all suffer with fear.

We all lack faith and trust in our own power and the power of the universe. And when this happens it means we are suffering at the hand of our ego. We are not listening or trusting that voice within. Instead we are being run by our fearful and limited ego.

Our ego can only take us so far. There are limits to it and it’s a self-imposed prison when we are confined by it. Our ego is a great thing when used for what it is meant but it’s not meant to be relied on for the bigger issues of life or to propel us into a life of unimaginable possibilities.

Our thoughts, emotions and outcomes that we want in life can cripple us. If you suffer at the hands of your thoughts, which we all do at some point, then you can’t get past these thoughts into a better place.

The same is true of your emotions.

Our emotions have the ability to tie us to a situation that is no good for us and never will be.

And when we are confined by the outcomes of our life, we never have the ability to be more than a by product of our environment.

It’s time to move past the ego

But the beauty of life is that we can get past all of this. We can get past the confinement of our ego and our attachment to our thoughts, emotions and outcomes.

We can get to a beautiful life filled with wonder and joy. And the one sure way to get there is to listen to that voice within.

If you hear this voice already, why not pay extra attention to it, so you can see exactly what direction it is nudging you in. And when you know and like the direction it is pointing to, why not take a leap of faith and know that this voice won’t see you go wrong.

And if you’ve never heard this voice before or have heard it but won’t listen, why not start paying attention.  Why not open yourself up to the most powerful system available to you? Why not realise that you truly aren’t happy in the confines of your ego and admit to yourself that you want more than what you have right now. And recognise that more starts by opening yourself up to the power that resides inside of you.

Some tips to help you hear that voice within


1. Connect with yourself more

How do you do this? You become your own best friend. You love yourself and spend time in your own company doing exactly what you love to do. There’s no compromise on this! Having a good relationship with our self leads to a deeper connection to our self, which in turn leads to an opening up to the power and the wisdom that resides within. A fundamental issue with the world over, is a disconnection from our self. When you disconnect from yourself that’s when all life’s problems begin. When you are disconnected from your self you are living purely from your ego. Remember what I said previously about the limits of our ego?

2. Meditate

Yes meditate! Take a few mins out of your day to sit in silence and connect with your heart. Not only will this help you connect with yourself and the voice within, it will also bring tremendous healing to your life. Give it a go. It really is one of the most beautiful practices imaginable.

3. Practice detachment

That is to detach from your thoughts, emotions and outcomes. Meditation will help with this and so will just simply paying attention to them. Awareness is one of the greatest tools for transformation. Awareness always leads to change. Start with something small and watch how it plays out in your life. After a while of observing you’ll be amazed at how you can change it. But this won’t work if you try to make the change first. You can’t put the cart before the horse. Observe first. Change later.

4. Get help

If there’s a particular area of your life that you are struggling with and is holding you back go seek professional help with it. Remove the blockage so you can find a way back to yourself and your power. We all have issues in life that we battle. I don’t think anyone is immune to suffering. If you have an ego, you suffer. And we all have an ego. So don’t be afraid to reach out to someone in time of need.

5. Develop your faith and trust

This is probably one of the most fundamental things that changed my life. I choose to believe in a higher power and when things in life go wrong or there are areas that I just can’t deal with I hand it over to that higher power. I believe that higher power is with me always. I choose to believe in this power always. Even in the darkest of times I choose to believe in something more than me. Whenever I need direction or guidance I turn to this higher power.

I hope you got something from this post. I really can’t express enough the importance of listening to this voice. In fact, I could probably fill an entire book on this alone. But give it a go for yourself and watch how this powerful tool can transform your life.



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