Did you know that there is a curse on human potential?

This curse has been around for generations.

Few have managed to release themselves from it. Those who succeeded have tried to help others do the same. Some followed. Many didn’t.

I’d like to shed a little light on the curse on human potential!

The story of the little girl

Imagine this scenario; a little girl about six years of age who is young, innocent and impressionable. She is a bright eyed and happy girl. Her smile is like a sun beam that radiates out and touches everyone. Maybe it’s a little too bright for some people. But she loves everyone around her. In fact, she is in awe of many of them.

She is full of human potential.

This little girl is creative and wants to express herself in a way that feels right to her. She doesn’t yet know about the curse on human potential! So she expresses herself through words, dance, play, art, song and her opinions. She does what comes natural to her. And it feels right to be this expressive.

However, she is starting to become self-aware and more aware of her surroundings.

The curse that leads to the downfall of human potential

The expression of her true self is met with criticism. This criticism comes from parents, teachers, other family members and many other adults who have an impact on this little girl’s life.

She suddenly begins to hear the words; should not, must not, not possible, don’t be silly, stop doing that and so on. These words, although from many different sources and some with good intentions, take the form of one voice. This voice is lodged inside her head. It’s clouding her creativity.

And so begins the curse.

Her expression of herself was not only met by words but also by moods. She interprets these moods as her doing something wrong and in doing so, blames herself.

She aims to be better the next time. After all, all she wants is her parents love and approval. So if what she does makes others unhappy, then she won’t do it again.

The association between expressing herself and others happiness grows strong. She begins to pick up signs and subtleties from those around her.

Then the realisation happens; the way to keep everyone happy, is to not be her true self. Instead, to be the person that everyone else wants her to be. So she begins to lose a connection to her true self and her creativity.

The curse has taken hold.

Therefore, she becomes like all the robotic adults in her life.

And now she finally fits in to the world and has lost sight of her human potential.

The cost of fitting in

But the cost of fitting in comes at a very high price. The cost is her own unique ability to express herself in the creative way that she was destined to. She has lost touch with the human potential that was hers by right. Instead, she has become a dumbed down version of herself.

What this little girl doesn’t realise is that all the robotic adults where once like her. They all had dreams and aspirations. They are all filled with potential. But they just can’t see it.

They too realised at a young age, that to make others happy and to fit in, you must hide who you really are. You mustn’t express yourself or show your potential. No, that is wrong. It only makes others unhappy and causes them to say negative things.

A fleeting moment of truth

But somewhere inside, this little girl knows that something is wrong. She feels it inside of her.

She realises that a bad curse has plagued human potential for generations. This curse has prevented people from being the best that they can be. It robbed them of their uniqueness and talents. It took their amazing gifts and ability to express them self and cast a dark shadow over them.

It robbed them of their human potential.

This curse was passed down from generation to generation. Never stopping until those lucky enough could break from its grip.

This little girl was one of the lucky ones. She knew there was another way. But the other way felt like a burden.

A difficult choice

She had a difficult choice to make. She could not express herself in a way that felt right to. This would keep everyone else happy and ensure that she fitted in.


She could break the curse that held people hostage for so long and be true to herself.

A heavy burden it was. But if she chose wisely, she could be a beacon of hope for every other little child who wanted to reach their potential. She could show others a different way, by helping them to see the human potential that was inside of them.

So, what did she choose?

What would you choose?

If you were standing in front of that little girl with so much potential, what would you tell her to do? Would you encourage her? Would you provide her with words of wisdom?

Would your words of wisdom be; “take it from me, follow your potential because I never did and I regret it”?

Or, in talking to this little girl, would it ignite the potential inside of you?

I’d say that in speaking with this little girl it would stir something deep within. Something of your own dreams put aside because of the words or moods of others. I’d say that you would become this little girl’s advocate. You would support her and tell her to go for it. Tell her to be herself and to not let anyone hold her back. You would tell her that she has the potential to be whatever she wants to be.


That little girl is you.

Yes, you.

You are the one full of potential

You have an amazing gift to be expressed but may have dumbed yourself down to fit in. You may have listened to the voice of others and let it rob you of who you really are.

Remember that voice in the little girls head? It is the same in yours. It’s made up of all those adults who were under a curse. The curse of not believing. The curse that robs people of their potential and the opportunity to be true to who they really are.

Now that you are aware of this curse, what do you choose?

Do you choose to free the little girl inside of you?

Do you let her create as she was meant to?

Or do you stay under the curse?

Has the curse of human potential held you so strong that you keep the little girl locked up inside of you?

I think you know as well as I do, that it’s time to free that little girl inside. It’s time to give her a voice that empowers her. Empowers her to be the best that she can be. A voice that allows her to be a unique expression of her true self. The one that propels her into her potential. The potential to be whatever it is she is meant to be.

Stop holding her back. Release yourself from the curse. You know it no longer serves you. You know that it has cursed humanity for decades.

It’s time to rise up and let that little girl be who she is meant to be.

The little girl inside of us

There is a fearless little girl inside all of us who is full to the brim of creativity and potential. We just forgot about her.  Our main focus is to fit in, go along and keep others happy. But this doesn’t keep that little girl inside happy. In fact, she’s been nudging you for some time now, to do something you have always wanted to do.

Maybe it’s time.

You’ve got to free this little girl so that she can help you be all that you desire to be.

How do you release the little girl inside of you and unleash her potential?

  • Become aware of the sabotaging voice within. And that this voice is made up of a number of voices from your past rolled into one. This voice only speaks of the limitations from every generation before it.
  • Understand the curse on human potential and how it has stopped generations of people from reaching their truest potential and being themselves. This curse says that all little children must be what everyone else wants them to be. They should fit in and make everyone else happy. And above all they shouldn’t be themselves.
  • When you become aware of this curse, recognise that it’s a load of crap! All it has done is robbed people of their potential. I’m sure if you spoke to people from an older generation they would say that they had dreams and aspirations that they were too afraid to fulfill because it wasn’t the norm to rise above your station. By them not following their dreams and their potential, they too fell under the curse. And in doing so they passed it on to the next generation.
  • After you have become aware of this, ask yourself this question; do you want to break this curse and free that little girl inside of you? Do you want her to be what she has always wanted to be? Because if you do, then it’s time to do it.
  • Change the voice in your head to how you would like that little girl to be spoken to. Yes, that voice that is full of love, support and encouragement.

It’s time for change

If switching from the litter girl to you during the story brought about a sinking feeling in your stomach, then you are still under the curse. But you can break this. With the right support and tools you can be yourself. You just need to decide who you are always meant to be and make it happen.

It’s time to stop living within the limitations and walls that someone else has set for you. You are more than this. Stay under this curse and you stay within your prison.

Positive self-talk with words of encouragement will go a long way to help you be you. Couple this with daily affirmations and your life will begin to change dramatically. These tools work to change your belief-system. It is your belief system that is most affected by the curse.

Read this post on self-esteem and make positive contributions towards yourself and you will be on the road to the real you.

There’s no excuse for a second class life. And particularly if you are living that life because of some silly words from other people. Those people were ignorant because of the curse they were under. They didn’t realise what they were doing with their words or moods. They didn’t understand that their lack of support would contribute to you falling under the curse too. They didn’t get the support or encouragement that they needed as children.

There’s no more hiding.

You know what needs to be done. Decide today to become the unique expression of your true self. Show the world your brilliance. Be the example to others in your life. Let people know that no matter how strong that voice may have been or that curse on your belief system, you will rise from within.

Find that warrior within and break free.

The warrior within can help you make a massive impact on your life and the lives of those around you. People will start to change in response to you. That is the power of human potential.

Self-doubt, fear and that critical voice robs people of their potential. It can put a halt to anyone’s dreams and aspirations. Even for those who have followed their path have to battle with the demons hiding around every corner. They are the dream stealers and destiny destroyers.  And if you give these voices a platform, you will be influenced by their negative force. You will give up on your dreams, aspirations and eventually your potential.

All because of a voice within. A voice that wasn’t real. One that was a combination of the fears and limitations of all other people in your life who were under a curse. A curse that kept them blind to their own potential.

And that voice doesn’t even know the potential you possess. It doesn’t know what you are capable of. In fact, it knows nothing about you. Yet it has so much power over you.

Get to know the real you

Give consideration to who you really are and to what that little six year old inside of you wants. How she wants to express herself through you and in doing so unleash your potential.

Let’s be clear.

Potential is what you decide.

It’s not what anyone else thinks or says it is. It’s the niggling feeling that just won’t go away. It’s that draw towards a path.  You know it’s the right place to go but that voice stops you.

But you are meant to go down that path. That path is where your highest potential resides. Your true self can finally express itself on this path.

You know you want to go there.

You just have to decide.

Final words

I have said it many times before, potential doesn’t mean being a famous pop star or movie actress. It means being the best version of yourself by doing what you have always wanted to do and have been drawn to do. Regardless of what you get back for it.

If that means becoming an artist, then become an artist. Paint for yourself, for your own pleasure and for you own form of expression. If that means volunteering overseas because you feel the need to help others, then that’s what you do.

And by the way, this blog is obviously tongue in cheek. There’s no curse on human potential! Although it certainly seems that way!



Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

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