We all have a warrior within us

If we let this warrior within rise up, it can direct our lives in a courageous and beautiful way.

There are many times in life when we need this warrior to shine through. Going through difficult times or just dealing with the day to day battle of life, often requires a little extra help to get through.

There are days when fear, worry, anger, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-worth, low self-esteem and lack of confidence has an effect on us. Underneath the mask of our insecurities is a warrior, waiting to break through.

We can try mask our insecurities by over compensating, which is what the ego normally does. Or we can choose the Warrior Within, which can smash through the pretense of the ego and fill you with a genuine sense of strength and power.

When we choose our Warrior Within, it breaks through the thinly veiled layer of our ego and catapults us into a more graceful and beautiful life.

So what is the Warrior Within?

To understand the Warrior Within let’s simplify life by looking at it from two lenses. The first lens is the lens of the ego and the other is spirit. It is my belief that we need both to live in this world.

The ego is a brilliant tool to get things done. If directed properly, it can achieve amazing success. But spirit is where the magic happens. It is the basis for all creative process. And it is the one thing that can lift us out of the confines of our ego.

Spirit or energy, is the life force that runs through us. This life force is our own unique capsule of universal energy. I call this unique capsule of universal energy our Warrior Within.

The Warrior Within can help you through any of life’s challenges.

Understanding the Ego

Our ego is a pre-programmed tool that helps us operate in the world. The problem with ego or personality, is that it is limited in its capacity. The ego can blind us to the potential, both within ourselves and the world around us.

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours along with our blind spots, defence mechanisms and coping strategies make up our ego.

The ego, if allowed to run on automatic, will control us. This is when the negative aspects of the ego take over. There is a feeling of imprisonment when this happens and a loss of connection to ourselves and our Warrior Within.

The limits of our ego; our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours make up a big aspect of our ego. And it is our repetitive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that form our habits.

The ego is made up of many habits. These have been formed over the course of a lifetime.

The issue with many of these habits is that they keep us stuck in our ego. That’s when the formation of our ego prison begins, and we become limited by our ego.

Escaping our prison

Our Warrior Within wants to break free from the prison we find ourselves in. The walls of which have been set by the limitations of our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

When we are powerless to your thoughts and feelings, then they run the show. They go on to affect your behaviour. When we become powerless to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we can become a victim.

Being a victim means being helpless.

To make a change in our behaviour, we need to detach from our thoughts and feelings. Practising detachment also allows us to connect to the Warrior Within and our true self.

Connecting to the Warrior Within

Connecting to the Warrior Within helps us transcend this prison. The Warrior Within has a strength, resilience, determination and drive to get us through life’s problems. The Warrior Within can sustain us through these difficult times.

Most people don’t know their Warrior Within. They live their life within the confines of their ego, not realising the potential they possess. The Warrior Within can show us this potential.

Anything is possible when you connect to the Warrior Within. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect by connecting to the Warrior Within.

Benefits of connecting to the Warrior Within


The number one benefit of connecting to the Warrior Within is creativity. I don’t just mean creative arts. I also mean creative solutions to any problems in life and business. In fact, the Warrior Within is probably the only genuine source to solve creative problems.

You can’t solve a problem at a logical (ego) level. You know yourself when you try to do this, that all you end up with is stress. As the example below indicates.

I spoke with somebody about a four-hour business meeting the team had to try solve a business problem. A group of highly functioning and intelligent men gathered together trying to iron out this issue. Everyone operating from their logic (ego). After four hours, instead of coming up with a solution, they came up with more problems and complained of sore heads from over thinking.

Another part of creativity is co-creation. We are co-creating this life whether we are consciously participating in that creation or not. If we don’t become conscious of what we are creating, then we create a life for ourselves that might not be to our satisfaction. However, if you become more conscious of the creative power within you, then can use this Warrior Within to create a more beautiful and compelling life.


I have studied ego/personality and I have watched it carefully in myself and others. I have seen time and time again how the ego can trip us up.

The ego, as I previously said, is a pre-programmed tool to get things done in this world. However, in most cases the ego is using us. We are not in control. It is our ego in control.

The amount of people who suffer with fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, unforgiveness, depression and so on, shows us that something isn’t right.

I am not saying that finding the Warrior Within will eliminate these states, but it will certainly help ease them. Even after finding the Warrior Within, we will still suffer with the negative aspects of our ego. But they will lessen in their intensity and frequency as we now realise that we can choose something different. That some thing different is our warrior within.


When I suffer with fear or anxiety, I know it is because I am operating from my ego. I recognise it and I choose my Warrior Within.

When I am in a fearful and anxious state, I say to myself that I am not trusting in the universe, the process or even in myself. I don’t believe that things will work out they way I want them to. I operate from a place of lack and scarcity.

But I now know, that by connecting to the Warrior Within me, I am connecting to my own individual energy/spirit and this has a connection to the universal energy/spirit. When I choose to operate like this I operate with faith and invariably everything works out better than I could have imagined. Even if I do have to go through something difficult.

Living life from my ego and choosing not to recognise my Warrior Within makes life a much harder path to follow. It also keeps me crippled by my fears and insecurities. So I choose my Warrior Within and I follow the path that is set out for me, no matter how crazy it might seem.


There are many people who have done great things with their life, only to end up feeling unfulfilled. And they wonder why. They have everything they could ever want or need including, success, wealth, adventure and fun. They get to do all the travelling they want. Yet they are empty inside.

I believe this is because they lived their life purely from their ego.

The ego can achieve many wonderful things in life. True fulfillment, however, happens when the ego and spirit are aligned.

Our individual spirit or soul is here to do a job. When we align our individual spirit with our ego we can achieve the impossible.

We find real fulfilment in this. Finding the Warrior Within will help us achieve this fulfilment.


Connecting with our Warrior Within helps us find our life purpose.

I don’t believe for a moment that any life experience is a wasted experience. I believe that every single event that we have been through, is laying the foundation for something better.

However, if you choose to operate solely from your ego, you may not see life in this way. You might see life as being hard and throwing all sorts of problems at you. You may end up becoming a victim to your circumstances.

By choosing the Warrior Within, you will see that all situations are paving the way to something better. Even the difficult ones.

There are so many examples of people who have turned their hardship into an opportunity to help others. They did this by finding the Warrior Within.


The greatest gift you can receive in life is to have love and compassion. Love and compassion are a direct result of being connected to the Warrior Within.

When you have compassion for yourself you can ease your own suffering. When you have compassion for others you can be there with love instead of judgement.

The crux of the world’s problems is judgement. We need discernment, not judgement.

A connection to our Warrior Within brings us an endless supply of love and compassion.


Flow is where the magic in life happens. I have written a more in-depth article here about flow. But the crux of flow is where you can achieve anything. Flow is when you are operating at your best without any mental or emotional distraction.

The best athletes in the world perform at their best when they are in the flow. The best writers in the world produce their best work when in their flow.

We can all produce magic when we are in our flow.

When you are in your flow you are directly connected to the Warrior Within.

You know how good it feels when you are performing at your best. There is nothing in the world as good as flow.

Final Words

If we all had the ability to identify the aspects of our ego that keep us stuck and blocks us from accessing our Warrior Within, the world would be a more gracious place. Relationships would be better. People would be kinder. We would have more compassion for ourselves and our fellow humans.

I have seen time and time again how people’s lives change when they connect with the Warrior Within. I coached people around issues they have had and listened as their ego tied them up in knots. Then when they connect to their Warrior Within their problems are transformed into creative solutions.

Start from today to recognise your own Warrior Within. Give yourself a glimpse of what it would be like to drop your ego structure and to be guided by a beautiful force that is available to you.




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